contoh soal bahasa inggris

Contoh soal

  1. Shona ...... the floor every morning.
a.       Sweep                   c. swept
b.      Sweeps                  d. sweeping
  1. Students always ...... English in the class.
a.       Study c. Studied
b.      Studies d. studying
  1. My younger brother spoke English .......
a.       Every day c. Yesterday
b.      Every month d. Today
  1. I .... her two years ago.
a.       See                        c. Saw
b.      Sees d. seeing
5.      Jhon writes a letter to his father.
Past Tense of the sentence above is….
a. Jhon written a letter to his father yesterday
b. Jhon wrote a letter to his father now
c. Jhon wrote a letter to his father tomorrow
d. Jhon wrote a letter to his father last night
e. Jhon is writing a letter to his father now
  1. My friend and I have regular meeting ....
a.       Last week              c. Yesterday
b.      Two days ago        d. Every monday
  1. I have a sister. .... name is Hayle.
a.       She                        c. My
b.      Her                                    d. I
  1. Marsya and Arsyi are twin. ...... have same face.
a.       We                         c. They
b.      She                        d. Them
  1. They are so friendly. Everybody loves .....
a.       I                             c. They
b.      Them                     d. her
  1. My pencil is broken. Can I borrow …..?
a.       Mine                      c. Your
b.      Me                         d. yours
  1. Your bag is very cool. I really love ....
a.       It                           c. You
b.      Her                                    d. me
12.  I have many friends. ...... always spend our holiday together.
She                  c. We               e. You
They                d. I
13.  Carla visited ....... grandmother last month.
His                   c. your             e. Hers
Her                  d. Our
14.  I sell my car to them. Now this car is ......, not mine.
They                c. Ours             e. Yours
Theirs              e. Their
15.  Hilal : I get the birthday present from my boyfriend, yesterday ! Mimi : _____________
a. I’ll always remember that
b. Fantastic! That’s great.
c. How boring.
d. Bad luck
e. I’m sorry, I forget
16.  Jaka : Mom ! I have a good news !
Mom : What is it dear ?
Jaka : My English teacher told me that I got excellent score in the last test !
Mom : Really? Oh, ………………. !
Jaka : Yeah mom, thanks
a. No, I'm busy
b. Sure.
c. That's okay
d. Okay
e. I'm proud of you dear
17.  If you want compliment someone because he won singing contest. What would you say?
a.       Thank you very much
b.      Thank’s a lot
c.       That was wonderful, you are so talanted
d.      That was wonderful, your dance is nice
e.       That was wonderful, you are so pretty on the stage
18.  When you come in night premire and you look someone wear a nice hat. What would you say?
a.       This is so bad
b.      This so nice hat
c.       It’s bad style
d.      It’s good style
e.       It was like Hary Style
19.  When you come in Salsa’s birthday party. What would you say to Salsa?
a.       I know you happy now
b.      Happy new year
c.       Happy ied mubarok
d.      You look so happy
e.       Happy Birthday
20.  If you moeslim religion, when you can say “ Happy ied fitri mubarok!”
a.       In ied fitri
b.      In ied adha
c.       In chrismas
d.      In maulid day
e.       In valentine day
21.  When your mother cook spaghetti and this good taste. What would you say to your mother?
a.       It’s delicious
b.      It’s flat
c.       It’s great
d.      Nice job
e.       It’s spaghetti
22.  Which of the following sentence is a compliment?
a) I'm sorry to hear that
b) Congratulations!
c) Nice dress! It suits you!
d) Sorry for your loss


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