Banana:17 Types of Indonesian Bananas



Bananas are generally this fruit. This fruit is large-leaf elongated, and comes from the family fuits Musaceae. Some kinds of fruit consumption is very good and this fruit many types / names. Bananas are arranged in groups with groups arranged to teach the mentioned comb.

17 Types of Indonesian Bananas And The Steps to Process Them

Banana is one that is always in every season in Indonesia. There are about 246 types of bananas that you can consume either directly or process them into various snacks.

Except for its delicious flavors, bananas are rich in nutrients that are good for body health such as potassium, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium. Bananas have many benefits such as lowering high blood pressure to prevent free radicals.

Even all sides of bananas, starting from fruit, bark, leaves, tree stalks until the flowers can be eaten. Because of the variety of fuits Musaceae types often make people ignorance how to choose and process bananas appropriately.

1. Banan Ambon (Pisang Ambon)

fruits ambon
pisang ambon

Pisang Ambon is one of the easiest and most common banana types in Indonesia. Bananas of this type are widely marketed in traditional markets or supermarkets.

Some characteristics of Ambon bananas are that they have a soft skin structure of green or yellow color. The flesh of the fruit is white with a taste of unbidity and sweetness.

Not only can be consumed directly, ambon bananas are often used as raw materials to make cakes, such as banana bread.

2. Banana Kepok

Pisang Kepok

The famous banana kepok in Indonesia apparently originally originated in the Philippines. Yellow kepok banana and white kepok fuits Musaceae are the type of Musaceae kepok that most indonesians eat. Usually fuits yellow color has a size that is getting bigger than white banana kepok.

The simplest step of processing fruit kepok with its stew, the flavors are really sweet. Besides, you can also process it into crispy banana chips.

3. Banana Thousand

Pisang Seribu
Pisang Seribu

Some banana lovers are definitely not weird to come back with a thousand plantains. This fruit is the most preferred because the flavors are really legit and fragrant. This banana has a standard size with a green skin color when raw and switches to golden yellow when it has been cooked.

This thousand plantains can be consumed directly or made into a variety of snacks, including made into a banana sale. Unless the legit taste of fruit has a peculiarity because it is very rare on a sign can contain a thousand bananas.

4. Banana Varigata

Many say at first glance this fruit is similar to cucumbers. Banana varigata has a similar taste to berlin bananas that are suitable to be served on the table. Unless the meat is apparently fuits Musaceae skin Varigata can also be eaten without leaving a taste on the tongue.

5. Golden Banana (Pisang Mas)

Pisang Mas unless it fits into a combination in the process of cake or other snacks is often eaten simply dipped in melted chocolate.

The size of the skew is small but the structure of the meat is almost like a ambon banana. The meat feels smooth and sweet making this banana no less attractive in the hearts of some fuits Musaceae  lovers.

6. Banana Genderuwo

Genderuwo bananas are quite rare and rarely found in the market. Because it has a unique shape with a stalk of dark red color and the size of a blackish-red fruit makes this banana named as Genderuwo banana. This banana starts from Yogyakarta.

7. Banana Jackfruit

Even though it has been cooked, banana jackfruit still has a greenish skin color. Its sweet taste and fragrant fragrance make this banana a favorite of many people. The structure of the meat is quite dense with a slightly reddish yellow color.

The simplest step is to process jackfruit banana by making it as chips, fried, or traditional cake filling.

8. Banana Cavendish

Cavendish bananas originated in America which is also well known in Indonesia and often marketed in supermarkets. The same size is quite large, the structure is soft but dense because it is not strange if you will feel full enough with the consumption of a cavendish banana.

So, it can be called cavendish bananas can be your snack when dieting or when eaten by balit. Unless eaten directly you can also process cavendish bananas into smoothies or cakes.

9. Banana Milk

Banana milk has a form that skews smaller when compared to other types of bananas with skin that has blackish spots. The structure of the meat is delicate with a fairly sweet taste.

Unless it can be consumed directly banana milk is often a combination of cookie dough, sandwich stuffing or banana roll omelette.

10. Banana tanduk

Banana Sundul is really suitable to be processed by boiling or cooking. Bananas that bersal from Sukabumi has a large size and long bending just like horns. The color of the meat is skewed yellowish red with a fairly sour sweetness.

11. Banana Uli

It can be called uli banana is one of the most suitable bananas to be made into fried bananas as your coffee partner at home. The taste is really sweet with the structure of the soft, smooth and lumpy flesh makes some people love it.

Uli banana has a medium size, not large nor too small. Unless processed as fried bananas, these bananas are often made into various snacks, such as sale of bananas and chips.

12. Red Banana

If generally the color of fuits Musaceae skin is green or golden yellow, it seems that there are also bananas that have red skin.

Red Bananas are not only unique but also contain many benefits for maintaining a healthy body, such as holding kidney stones, reducing body weight, increasing blood production and controlling stomach acid.

13. Lemongrass plantain Raja Sereh

Lemongrass plantain is a triploid hybrid cultivar banana from the Philippines. This fruit are common cultivars of banana in Southeast Asia and the Philippines, except for the banana L banana and pickled banana.Fruits

14. Kepok Banana Hijau

Kepok fruit is a banana cultivar from the ABB cultivar line. This fruit is counted as a row of bananas because of its high starch content. Kepok bananas are also known in several other areas as follows. Philippines: Saba, Sat-a, Cardaba Bali: Biu gedang saba Malaysia: fuits Musaceae Nipah or Banana Ash

15. Klutuk Banana

Pisang Klutuk, Fruit fresh  which is called in my village, is a wild banana, easy to grow, a banana species with seeds, favored by some sellers of rujak uleg or mashed rujak. If you are still small, the rujak will be slightly bitter, but if it has become mashed rujak or rujak uleg, the taste will not be doubted.

16. Basjoo banana

Translated from English - Musa basjoo, which is known variously as Japanese banana, Japanese fiber Fruitsbanana or hardy banana, is a species counted in the genus Musa.

17.Bananas mas

Pisang Mas or Pisang Muli, or Pisang Empat Puluh Hari, is a cute fuits Musaceae that is very popular in Indonesia. These bananas are widely available in all parts of the country.


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