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 Sous Vide Burgers


Sous Vide Burgers, Hamburger
Sous Vide Burgers

Sous Vide Burgers are actually a fantastic novice sous vide dish towards attempt today. The hamburger patties are actually prepared at an accurate temperature level to ensure that you obtain the doneness that you choose each time. No overcooked as well as completely dry out burgers right below.

Produce: 4

  • Preparation Opportunity: 10 MINUTES
  • Prepare Opportunity: 33 MINUTES
  • Overall Opportunity: 43 MINUTES


  • 1 extra pound ground beef, lean
  • sodium & pepper, towards preference
  • butter for searing


Load a supply pot or even sous vide compartment 3/4 filled with sprinkle. Put on a heat-proof surface area as well as include immersion circulator.

Warm sprinkle towards temperature level based upon your favored doneness for your burgers. (126 levels F = unusual, 133 levels F = medium-rare, 140 levels F = tool, 147 levels F = medium-well, 158 levels F = effectively performed). (Our team such as 158 for our burgers.)

Split ground beef right in to 4 also parts as well as type right in to rounded patties. Period each edges towards preference.

While sprinkle is actually home heating, period hamburger patties as well as location all of them in a solitary level in a 1-gallon plastic zip-top bag or even vacuum cleaner secure bag (as well as secure the bag). Can easily place hamburger patties right in to greater than one bag if required.

When sprinkle is actually heated up, reduced each bag right in to the sprinkle ensuring the meat is actually completely immersed. Fold up leading of bag over the edge of the stockpot. Clip bag sideways, if required.

Collection timer for prepare opportunity. Prepare opportunity depends upon density of your steak (1/2-inch = 15 mins, 3/4-inch = 22 mins, 1-inch = thirty minutes).

After prepare opportunity is actually completed, eliminate bags coming from sous vide as well as eliminate hamburger patties coming from the bag. Preheat hefty skillet over higher warm. Location 1 Tbsp butter or even olive oil in skillet after that sear hamburger patties 1 min on each edge.


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